Established in 2013 in the famous international manufacturing city – Dongguan of China, KINYI is a relatively new but rapidly developing packaging supplier of biodegradable molded pulp packaging and other molded pulp ready-to-use products.


We use biodegradable natural fiber (sugarcane bagasse, bamboo fibre, wood fibre, wheat straw…) as raw materials to produce different eco friendly pulp products, including industrial packaging, food packaging, home & garden supplies, craft supplies, disposable medical articles and many other ready-to-use pulp products. They are all biodegradable within 90 days in soil.



We provide total molded pulp packaging solutions from custom packaging design, mold developing to final bulk manufacturing. With our own design team and manufacturing facilities, we assure efficient new developments, good quality and fast delivery; At the same time we keep integrating relevant resources to offer our customers more flexible and comprehensive services.